We let students solve organisations big challenges.

IKEA x Spira in Project X 

Apply before 11/2 2021

Our challenges is a format for finding innovative solutions through open collaboration. We are working with innovative companies and public sector organisations who are looking for solution to their challenges. This event is full.



Who is it for? 

If you have an interest in startups and/or innovation. People with all kind of skills are welcome but technical skills is always a +. We will be maximum 12 people joining these sessions.

Do I need to prepare? 

No, just join us, be happy, open minded and focused.

When is it? 

We will kick-off at hetch.se in Helsingborg February 18th - 2021 at 10:00 - 15:30 and February 19th 10:00 - 15:30.



Emma Gunnebrink 

"Project x was super-fun and gave me tools to identify business opportunities in a quick and efficient way. It led me through a roadmap to explore innovative solutions and the need of it, without spending to much time “developing”. With the experience from this project I will now be able to try ideas with less barriers."

Emelie Nilsson Sträng

"The great asset for me was the social experiment, to mix with people from completely different industries with  different perspectives and challenges. In our case, it was also instructive to dare to "kill your darlings" even though we were largely through the whole project. After all, the next idea was the one that is actually still alive."